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Water, Fire, Wind


Client Testimonials

owens"Our insurance agent recommended SunGlo Restoration Services of Dearborn Heights.  A good recommendation and best call I made.   The complete project was handled in a professional manner by SunGlo technicians from cleaning debris, cleaning the carpets, clothes, painting, wall papering and even cleaning our knick-naks.  I was so impressed with the ladies who handled our precious knick-naks, that when they finished I bought them gifts.  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with, they all went the extra mile to help us."

"As you know, life has a way of speedily passing by, with some of us (at eighty one years of age) noticing it much more than others. Since more than five weeks has passed by from the time that I first alerted you by letter (to my concern that the insurance investigation was not proceeding very fast) I deem it proper to write to you for more assistance in quickly resolving this situation, so I can begin the tedious reconstruction work that needs to be done.

I would like to have your approval (and that of the Condominium Board of Directors) to commence work in some of the areas that have already been approved for coverage.

Because SunGlo Restoration Services did an excellent and speedy job in responding to the flooding situation, and undoubtedly kept damages to a minimum, they should be considered for providing the restoration work. They also have shown in their estimates that their work appraisal is fair and complete, and they have adequately answered whatever questions that I raised about the details. I found their management to be capable, helpful, and easy to work with in resolving issues that were discussed.

For these reasons, and the fact that I have confidence in SunGlo, I am asking that SunGlo be designated as the sole source of this reconstruction work on my condominium. Their management has indicated to me that they have the workforce in place so they could start the project next week.

As a condominium owner, that pays a substantial monthly fee to the Association, I hope to have them REPRESENT ME in the quest for true coverage on all of my substantial losses. Since I have not as yet moved into the condo, and have not put in any “upgrades”, I think in all fairness I should have my condo reconstructed so that the damaged property is restored to a “condition as good as that existing prior to the damage” as expressed in Article V, Section 5 of the Crown Pointe of Riverview Condominium Association By-Laws."

I wrote to thank you both for your quick and very efficient response to the explosion, fire and smoke damage to my entire home.

I hope you will share this letter and my gratitude with your supervisors, managers, etc.
As I am convinced you both did a superior job, as did the cleaning crew, and SunGlo management and coordination of everyone involved in the clean up.

And it should be obvious I would recommend SunGlo highly: and again am most grateful for your excellent response to a real tragedy by AAA’s quick and effective response and can see why I have been a member for over 50 years and recommend AAA to my friends and family.

I wanted to let you know that SunGlo had completed the work on our basement and the final inspection was completed with Pat Norton on Tuesday, September 19th. The work by all of the SunGlo people was done in a businesslike and extremely professional manner. We are very pleased with the final outcome. We would be happy to be used as a reference to any Nationwide client that needed the services of SunGlo.

I would like to add one comment that you might consider for future clients. We may be unusual that we have never before mad a Homeowners claim on our policy. We had no prior experience with the process of making a claim; or how the subsequent restoration work would be completed. Technically, the process was carried out with extreme professionalism, but as to the communication of the work during this project; I would have like more contact from both Nationwide and SunGlo. Often it seemed that we were “out of the loop”, although Nationwide and SunGlo knew what was happening. I am certain that this was not intentional, but it was frustrating at best during the process. In a conversation with our Betsey Reich, our Nationwide policy agent, we brought up that no one at any time during the restoration, did we receive any communication from ANYONE as to how things were progressing, did we have any questions or concerns, and finally were we happy with the work; that is until the job was completed and a check was being sent to us for payment of work.

Again, the important thing is that the work is finished; we are very happy and pleased with the end result.

"We both wish to let you know how pleased we are with the mold remediation services recently completed by your firm to our kitchen.

Everyone who came to do their part handled themselves very professionally and were dedicated to the job at hand. The contractors showed up when expected, and all aspects of the job were expeditiously and expertly performed. Denis Jankowski was always available to answer any of our questions, the job proceeded very smoothly under his direction, and he was very pleasant to work with.

We certainly will let others know of our positive experience with your firm. Also, with this letter, we are informing our insurance company, Auto-Owners, that we are very pleased with the outcome.

Thanks once again for the professionalism exhibited in all aspects of this claim."

“We contracted SunGlo after our church experienced a water main break. The building was severely damaged; all of the basement, which houses our resale shops, and two thirds of the main floor, including the sanctuary, were flooded. The business offices were also affected.

Your company did an outstanding job of cleaning up and overseeing all the necessary repairs the church needed to get back in operation. Carpets and floors were replaced, plumbing was repaired, electric wiring was rewired, the painting, heating & cooling, phones, etc. all were handled by SunGlo. It was especially helpful that you, Patrick, checked in almost daily to update our staff as to what repairs were to be done when, and by whom. The professionalism of not only you, Pat Norton, Sr., and Denis Jankowski, but of your whole staff made the disruption we experienced so much easier to deal with. Your crews came to work, quietly did their jobs, and left.

Thank you, on behalf of all of us at The First Presbyterian Church of Dearborn for your efficiency and dedication to “getting the job done.” If we hear of anyone in need of disaster clean-up and repair, we will highly recommend SunGlo!”