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Water, Fire, Wind


Client Testimonials

"I wrote to thank you both for your quick and very efficient response to the explosion, fire and smoke damage to my entire home.

I hope you will share this letter and my gratitude with your supervisors, managers, etc. As I am convinced you both did a superior job, as did the cleaning crew, and SunGlo management and coordination of everyone involved in the clean up.

And it should be obvious I would recommend SunGlo highly: and again am most grateful for your excellent response to a real tragedy by AAA’s quick and effective response and can see why I have been a member for over 50 years and recommend AAA to my friends and family."

"Our home in Highland Lakes was repaired by your company two weeks ago. We cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful job the three young men did. They were very professional, knowledgeable and took extra care to protect our belongings. We have witnessed how other companies work and believe me yours stands out as one of the best. Thank you for making our home a better place to live.

The man who repaired our carpeting after the walls were fixed also did a great job. Hopefully we won’t need your services again but if we do you will be the first to be called."

"The reason for this letter is to let you know what a great company you and your crew are. As you know, I had a problem with my bedroom carpet and John and Dan tried to fix it but could not so they turned the problem over to you. You had Nelson Carpet Company come out and stretch and lay the carpet correctly. The two men, Church and Carl, knew what they were doing and I really appreciate the nice job that was done. After service on the board for ten years and the last five of those ten as president I have come in contact with many contractors. Applegate has gone through fire, flood and ice damage so that gives you an idea of all the contractors we have had to deal with. I must say your company is one of the few at the top of my list. I hope Applegate continues to use you and your excellent crew."

"I wanted to let you know that SunGlo had completed the work on our basement and the final inspection was completed with Pat Norton on Tuesday, September 19th. The work by all of the SunGlo people was done in a businesslike and extremely professional manner. We are very pleased with the final outcome. We would be happy to be used as a reference to any Nationwide client that needed the services of SunGlo.

I would like to add one comment that you might consider for future clients. We may be unusual that we have never before mad a Homeowners claim on our policy. We had no prior experience with the process of making a claim; or how the subsequent restoration work would be completed. Technically, the process was carried out with extreme professionalism, but as to the communication of the work during this project; I would have like more contact from both Nationwide and SunGlo. Often it seemed that we were “out of the loop”, although Nationwide and SunGlo knew what was happening. I am certain that this was not intentional, but it was frustrating at best during the process. In a conversation with our Betsey Reich, our Nationwide policy agent, we brought up that no one at any time during the restoration, did we receive any communication from ANYONE as to how things were progressing, did we have any questions or concerns, and finally were we happy with the work; that is until the job was completed and a check was being sent to us for payment of work.

Again, the important thing is that the work is finished; we are very happy and pleased with the end result."

"I wanted to let you and your company know that everything went extremely well with the claim that I had at my home with the water damage problem.

SunGlo made this unfortunate circumstance tolerable.

What an efficient and well-run company. All schedules were kept completely and the workers were courteous and were very careful when moving furniture and their drying equipment in the kitchen and family room area.

Things went extremely well and I would recommend your company to anyone that needs these types of services.

AAA made a wise decision when they recommended your company to make these repairs.

Again, thanks and keep up the great work."

"I am sorry to have taken so long in getting this letter off to your company. But I wanted you to know that back in August of 07 my house was damage by a rain storm. The wind had ripped out one of the skylights from the roof and the rain was pouring in which also caused water damage. I called the Dearborn Heights Police Department for some names of a company that could board up the roof. SunGlo was one of the names given to me and the first company to return my call. I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I chose your company to do the repairs on my home.

The men who came to board up the hole in my roof were at the house within an hour. I was very pleased with the response time. I believe I received a call from Denis Jankowski that very next morning (it may have been that night). Immediately he got to work on the project of repairs. He had came to the house to inspect the damage and quickly Ishak Boussi and his co workers (I cannot remember all the names of the guys) came with machines and fans and all involved explained how this all was going to work. I needed a lot of work done in my kitchen, and I have to say thanks and let you and them know what a great job they all did. From the guys who boarded up the roof, Ishak, Mark and his team of men who replaced the skylights & roof. Also the other companies that were involved, Van Buren Electric, Andy’s Hardwood Floors, to the painter, the carpenter, all were very professional as well as friendly. All involved arrived when said, and all cleaned up so well that you never knew anyone was here working. SunGlo has a great team of people working for them.

But most of all, I’d like to thank Denis. He coordinated the repairs; one right after the other, and everything just fell in place and came together, one company after the next. He gave me names of people from whom I should expect a call and from what company. He answered all my calls, and when he was at another job, Karen was more than willing to help me with any questions I had.

Denis also worked with my insurance agent which was very helpful to me. I can’t say enough as to what a great job he did. Even though he was not doing the repairs and physical labor himself, he was probably the biggest part of getting them all done by knowing who and when to call each company. He is a great asset to SunGlo."