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Water, Fire, Wind


"I wanted to let you know that SunGlo had completed the work on our basement and the final inspection was completed with Pat Norton on Tuesday, September 19th. The work by all of the SunGlo people was done in a businesslike and extremely professional manner. We are very pleased with the final outcome. We would be happy to be used as a reference to any Nationwide client that needed the services of SunGlo.

I would like to add one comment that you might consider for future clients. We may be unusual that we have never before mad a Homeowners claim on our policy. We had no prior experience with the process of making a claim; or how the subsequent restoration work would be completed. Technically, the process was carried out with extreme professionalism, but as to the communication of the work during this project; I would have like more contact from both Nationwide and SunGlo. Often it seemed that we were “out of the loop”, although Nationwide and SunGlo knew what was happening. I am certain that this was not intentional, but it was frustrating at best during the process. In a conversation with our Betsey Reich, our Nationwide policy agent, we brought up that no one at any time during the restoration, did we receive any communication from ANYONE as to how things were progressing, did we have any questions or concerns, and finally were we happy with the work; that is until the job was completed and a check was being sent to us for payment of work.

Again, the important thing is that the work is finished; we are very happy and pleased with the end result."