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How to work with a Disaster Restoration Contractor

When you have property damage at your home or business due to a disaster, you’ll need to hire a local restoration company. Restoration companies repair and clean up all kinds of situations, including water or fire damage and mold removal. So how can you help to get your property repaired as soon as possible? Here are some of the things you can do to speed up the insurance claim.

Share evidence of the source of the problem

One way to identify the cause of loss is through photos and videos. By sharing video or photographic evidence with the adjuster when filing the claim, you can dramatically speed up the process.

Sharing evidence makes the job easier for the disaster restoration company. Local disaster restoration companies will be able to start emergency services quicker when they can see the cause of the problem is directly linked to the applicable policy coverage and limits. Typically, they have to invest time and resources at the beginning when they visit the site, locate the source of the problem, and confirm the damage with photos or a report back at their office. By sharing photos, you can get coverage granted right away. Take pictures of damaged items and list them. You should also provide all relevant supporting documents to highlight the value of the damaged items.

Allow everyone in the restoration process full access

Work with the adjuster, insurer, and the restoration company in order to mitigate your loss quickly, and efficiently restore the conditions of your property. By letting the restoration team examine your entire property, you will enable the required work to be completed faster.

These tips will speed along your disaster restoration process. If you do experience water, fire or smoke damage, remember that the professionals of SunGlo Disaster Restoration Specialists are here to help with your clean-up and restoration.