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Water, Fire, Wind


Client Testimonials

"Thanks to all the guys at SungGlo for the wonderful job in restoring our kitchen and family room.  Everyone was very cooperative and professional, and above all, nice people to be around and get to know."

"The job completed by SunGlo was handled in a very professional manner and to my complete satisfaction, from the estimate, to bringing in contractors in the proper sequence to do the work smoothly.  A SunGlo representative contacted me frequently to report work status."

"After the vandalism, you and your staff were absolutely wonderful to us in the midst of a situation that was pretty stressful.  When you arrived within 30 minutes of my initial call with a full crew of workers - on a weekend - I had a feeling that we had found a gem."

"SunGlo crews shoveled out what use to be the plaster walls. I want to commend SunGlo and their crew who came out this week to wash walls, mop floors, and take smoky clothes and numerous items from those two rooms for cleaning."

owens"Our insurance agent recommended SunGlo Restoration Services of Dearborn Heights.  A good recommendation and best call I made.   The complete project was handled in a professional manner by SunGlo technicians from cleaning debris, cleaning the carpets, clothes, painting, wall papering and even cleaning our knick-naks.  I was so impressed with the ladies who handled our precious knick-naks, that when they finished I bought them gifts.  I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with, they all went the extra mile to help us."

"As you know, life has a way of speedily passing by, with some of us (at eighty one years of age) noticing it much more than others. Since more than five weeks has passed by from the time that I first alerted you by letter (to my concern that the insurance investigation was not proceeding very fast) I deem it proper to write to you for more assistance in quickly resolving this situation, so I can begin the tedious reconstruction work that needs to be done.

I would like to have your approval (and that of the Condominium Board of Directors) to commence work in some of the areas that have already been approved for coverage.

Because SunGlo Restoration Services did an excellent and speedy job in responding to the flooding situation, and undoubtedly kept damages to a minimum, they should be considered for providing the restoration work. They also have shown in their estimates that their work appraisal is fair and complete, and they have adequately answered whatever questions that I raised about the details. I found their management to be capable, helpful, and easy to work with in resolving issues that were discussed.

For these reasons, and the fact that I have confidence in SunGlo, I am asking that SunGlo be designated as the sole source of this reconstruction work on my condominium. Their management has indicated to me that they have the workforce in place so they could start the project next week.

As a condominium owner, that pays a substantial monthly fee to the Association, I hope to have them REPRESENT ME in the quest for true coverage on all of my substantial losses. Since I have not as yet moved into the condo, and have not put in any “upgrades”, I think in all fairness I should have my condo reconstructed so that the damaged property is restored to a “condition as good as that existing prior to the damage” as expressed in Article V, Section 5 of the Crown Pointe of Riverview Condominium Association By-Laws."